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COVID-19 status technology that gives your team and customers fast, safe, and secure entry into any business location.

Creating healthy spaces for all.

The SafeSite SCAN technology and platform enables your business, staff, and customers an easy-to-use way to check and track their COVID-19 status to ensure your business site is safe.

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View customer health status data instantly.

SafeSite SCAN app is a QR code reader that enables your team to scan any team member or customer who has SafeSite PASS app giving immediate COVID-19 status for vaccinations and/or recent test results.

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Your staff scans customers SafeSite PASS

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SafeSite is an industry leading mobile medicine diagnostics and technology company providing an end to end solution for COVID-19 testing and vaccination status tracking for consumers and businesses.

SafeSite offers three services: SafeSite SCREENING is an onsite mobile COVID-19 testing solution; SafeSite PASS is a mobile health pass for customers to show their COVID-19 Status (vaccination and/or testing results); and SafeSite SCAN enables businesses to easily scan and verify a consumers SafeSite PASS to grant them access to their site.

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